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The Biggest Online Event of Art with balloons in the Planet! For FREE!

from March 28th until April the 3rd


QUALATEX ONLINE CONVENTION's mission is to present to you an International Congress Online exclusively held by Qualatex from March 28th until April the 3rd. Participants will include some of the best art market experts with balloons Planet, sharing knowledge and methodologies already tested and proven.

Will be 7 intense days of learning, inspiration, dissemination and appreciation of the art business with balloons.

So you can get started, add value to your business and improve its expertise, the event will provide Technical classes and Management Lectures. Online & Free! You can see all the online form and content for Free as official program.

You can watch anywhere in the world, without moving from the comfort of your home.


When does the Congress officially begins?

The QUALATEX ONLINE CONVENTION starts from March 28th until April the 3rd.

What time are the classes?

In the basic programming, each lecture will be transmitted once at these times:
10:00h, 15:00h and 20:00h.

In some days you can have extra classes at another time.

São Paulo Time / Brazil = - 03:00 UTC

To find the time in your city:



What do I need to watch?

You need to have internet access, with a good speed connection and can watch from anywhere in the world. To access the lectures, you should make your application on the official website of the event: www.qualatexonlineconvention.com and receive all information through your registered email.

What is the duration of the talks?

The average time is 30 to 40 minutes, but certainly, depending on the subject, some lectures will have different duration.

If I am not online can I watch?

No. All lectures will be broadcast Online for Free on the scheduled times.

How can I see the lessons after its done?

If you cannot see the lessons in the Free program, you will have the opportunity to Buy the VIP Plan.

With the VIP plan you can see and review all the talks on time that is most convenient for you. All content will be available in an exclusive members area, in the "cloud", and you can access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week over a period of 12 months.

If I access the internet late, can I watch the lecture?

Although the lectures are recorded, the transmissions are started punctually at scheduled times, "as if they were live" or on a Face to Face Congress. So if you arrive late, you will only be able to see from the moment you accessed the broadcast room, not being able to see from the beginning.

What is a broadcast room?

We call the broadcast room the system that provides the recorded video, exactly at the scheduled time, only allowing access to content through a unique link.

The whole Congress happens at the broadcast room?

All classes Schedule are displayed in the transmission rooms and access is possible only through the specific link to each class.

But before and during the Congress, will take place some Live transmissions, we call Hangout. In this case the transmission is made directly over the Internet via Google.

How to watch the lectures?

To watch the lectures you must register on the official website of the event: www.qualatexonlineconvention.com. Registration is free of charge and very simple. After adding your data, you will receive a confirmation email in your email inbox and we need your confirmation. We will send regular e-mails with information and tips about any event. From the start of the event, March 28 of 2017 you will receive daily emails informing you of the start time of the various lectures.

I would like to see the lectures, but I have no willingness to see all that interest me. How do I do?

In this case we offer the VIP Plan, so you can see and review the lectures, as often as you want, wherever you want and whenever you want.

More information soon on our official website!

How does the VIP Plan works?

The paid access will give you the opportunity to learn at their own pace, with internationally recognized speakers. You will also have access to a lot of material and exclusive benefits such as e-books, extra classes and participation in an Exclusive group on Facebook.

By purchasing a VIP Plan I get some material?

No, you do not receive any physical material, for all classes and lectures online are transmitted over the Internet. The plan will give you VIP access to an exclusive members area, which is a restricted site where you can only access through a personal password. Access is free, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for a period of 12 months.

Can I watch where the Congress anywhere I want?

Yes! Having internet, you can attend all classes and lectures from anywhere in the world, free of charge, at the time and days marked, without moving, for a whole week.

Who is this event for?

The event is for all people and professionals:
- Professionals who already own an art company with balloons.
- People planning to build an art company with balloons.
- Customers and admirers of art with balloons, and people looking for knowledge and updating, as well as better results and professional development.

Where can I see the Calendar / Event Schedule?

The Schedule will be published on the official website of the event www.qualatexonlineconvention.com, in February 2017.

What is the price?

Each lecture takes place in pre-scheduled date and time, being transmitted over the Internet for Free. If you can not attend the lecture, you can buy VIP Access plan, which allows access to the contents of the entire Congress, to display how many times you want.

More information soon!

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