From the 14th until 20th of March

Dear Speaker, this document is designed to help you to make a high quality presentation.

Feel free to send contributions so that we can improve it.

Ask for help when you feel necessary. The success of the event depends on the quality and content of presentations.



• To contribute to the enhancement and professionalization of activities related to art with balloons market through training of professionals;

• Disseminate technical knowledge and experiences related to art with balloons;

• Provide tools to improve business management;

• Disseminate innovative products and solutions for the art of Balloons market.


See the benefits of becoming a speaker of Congress
The public of an online conference is unlimited. Sponsors and each of the speakers leads its own public for congress, ie all presentations have a portion of the public of each of the companies involved. The congress organization invests in sponsored ads and use their channels in social networks, exponentially increasing the reach of your message.

The experience of the Online Congress is striking
A conference on art with balloons and entrepreneurship, for example, can teach, in addition to various technical, enterprise content management, with successful cases, tips and tactics that work various types of business.

You are recognized as authority
After an online conference is normal that the speaker has an increase in its audience. This happens because of the visibility. Be invited to lecture alongside other professionals is a proof of notoriety and recognition.

Being an affiliate of Congress and be paid for it (optional).


Not all classes will be placed on free content. Some classes will be included only in the paid content.

You must send us two recorded lectures of about 30 to 60 minutes each. One will be used in the free content available to all participants. The other class will be offered as a bonus, only to those who purchase VIP access.

To invite each speaker, our team took into account a number of criteria:

  • Reputation of the Speaker;
  • Ethic;
  • Specific knowledge;
  • Certifications;
  • Real Experience as Art entrepreneur with balloons and Entrepreneurship.

There will also be speakers that are indicated by our sponsors, but should also be approved by our team, this to ensure the quality of the entire event.

The organization will determine a theme or a specific technique for each of the classes, which should be followed by all speakers.

All classes should converge to the objectives of the Congress, that is, to information that can generate a transformation to his listeners, helping them to overcome a difficulty in your business.

The video of the lesson should be delivered to organization, no later than October 15, 2016

We can only guarantee their participation in the Live event if you deliver your lecture on time.

Obs .: All necessary equipment will be provided by the Speaker himself; as well as all costs involved in the production and delivery of video;

Each speaker must send, along with the video, detailed design class in PDF, as well as the list of material used. (if applicable)

During the classes, each Company / Speaker will be free to build a project size you wish, provided it is within the scope of each class proposed by the organization.

All speakers tacitly agree that all content (photos, images, text files, and videos) will be owned by "BALLOON DESIGN BRAZIL" and may be used by us without charge. All of this content can be used for dissemination and commercialization of this and future events organized by Balloon Design Brazil.


If you are a professional art with balloons, you should use in their classes, only balloons Qualatex brand. (Exclusive sponsor of Qualatex Online Convention balloons).


Online Conferences are recorded

This is a tool aimed to transform the way to bring quality information and professionalism.

The concept of the Congress is to provide quality content, able to generate a transformation for your audience, being transmitted over the Internet, Online and Free on dates and times previously determined and widely disseminated.

Within this program, anyone will have free access to lectures provided free to register and enter your email. If you are interested or unable to follow the schedule on the dates, you can acquire, medium payment, the VIP PLAN; with unrestricted access to all lectures. (In such cases, the content is available in the "cloud" for a period of 12 months). In addition, by purchasing the VIP Plan, each user still gets a lot of extra bonuses.

This means that even people who have lost their speech will have the chance to see it.

In addition, the speakers can work as online conference partners, providing the disclosure of link the event and earning a percentage of the payment.

Each speaker will receive a link, provided by us, to publicize the event among your email contacts and social networks.

This link is a custom page with a "TAG" identification (registration monitoring) of each of the speakers.

Thus, it is possible to know how many people did register for the event through each speaker.

When someone from your list make the purchase of the Congress, the speaker will receive 30% of the amount paid.

See what it takes to become an "Affiliate" of QUALATEX ONLINE CONVENTION and be paid for their statements Clicking Here.


  • 01. Select The Recording Place

You can record in an indoor environment (inside your home or your office, for example) or in an external environment (in a park, in a hotel, in a restaurant, etc.). Let's look at what to consider in each case:

→ Indoors

  • Organize the environment, and remove objects that could compete with the host (eg television, many furniture, chandelier access).
  • Beware of fans because they make too much noise.
  • It is important you have some control over the environment to ensure that peace will have to write without interruption.

→ Outdoors

  • Environments with moving elements can easily distract the participant, impairing the understanding of the lecture.
  • Attention to the audio, because the wind can generate noise preventing the hearing of the presentation. Therefore, test before you start recording for real.
  • Consider that vehicles and even other people can harm your presentation, generating noise or invading recording.
  • Natural lighting is good, but the recording should not occur under intense sun, even if his back to the sun, because it creates nuisance in the presenter and shadows on the face, and take tests to get ruffled.
  • 02. Select the Camera

  • Check the cameras to film you have on hand.

a)- Today found filming in cell phone cameras, the camera, the computer's webcam, the son of the cell, finally, today turned fever shoot and send to friends. So we believe that there will be no difficulty about it.

b)- Make tests and identify what the best cameras are that you have, both in image and audio.

c)- If you want, ask for our help to choose the best option.

  • Use tripod. What often distinguishes a good video from another is the use of a tripod. No tripod, the image flickers enough, generating discomfort in the audience.
  • It is important you start recording with battery 100% charged. Remember also, to provide extra batteries, if any. Recording videos with weak batteries usually result in low quality videos, both in image and audio.
  • Use your camera lying down horizontally.
  • 03. Be carefull with the Audio

  • Audio is the most important item in a presentation like this. The picture may not even be clear, but the audio needs to be clean to ensure that everyone understands clearly his message and especially so they can watch until the end, as a low-quality sound difficult to understand and dispersed participants.
  • Beware of noise: fan, animals, children, vehicles, talk to other people in the environment, school sirens, etc...
  • Test different distances to find the best location of the microphone.
  • 04. Be carefull with Lighting

  • Make sure there is enough lighting. And what does that mean? Proper lighting is one that generates a video where there is no shade, there is excessive light, the face is not too clear, that you can see in the video the filmed images as well as in the real environment, ie, the ideal is that you the video has an image with the same colors as the filmed image.
  • Natural lighting is one of the best, but if it is direct and intense may annoy the host and generate an excess of illumination, which is not good.
  • Avoid shadows.
  • The use of lamp may be useful to improve the illumination.
  • You may need to close the face lighting (a lamp, for example).
  • Film environment having different color lamps, yellow and white, for example, should be avoided.
  • 05. Be carefull with Clothing

  • Prefer flat clothes with unique color, which work well for this purpose.
  • Avoid clothes with the same background color. Prefer clothes that contrast. If the background is white, wear clothing with shades that contrast, such as black, blue etc...
  • Clothing should be discreet, allowing the presenter to be the center of attention.
  • 06. Define Positioning

Positioning refers to the camera's position relative to the presenter. There are several possibilities, but we will comment only the most recommended:

  • Distance between the presenter and the camera: what will determine this distance is the desired framework (see following item) and, especially, the need for quality audio. If the distance is great, and the microphone used for the camera, the further away from each other, the worse the audio. Experiment and prioritize the audio.
  • Set up will be seated or standing.
  • No need to zoom during recording, so prefer the fixed plan.
  • If you are using only one camera, it is normal that it is in front of the presenter, capturing images frontally. If there is a second camera, it can be positioned to pick up a 45º angle, ie, between the front and profile. Thus, the two images (front and 45 degrees) may be edited and combined generating a very pleasing result.
  • Ideally, the camera is positioned in the host eye level. Position the camera above or below, it is not recommended.
  • 07. Set the Framework

Framing refers to decide what will appear in the video.

  • What we recommend is that your head, shoulder and elbow are trim cendo. Leave a little room above the head, below the elbows and on the sides, so that your hand is not cut if you gesticulate. Get too close or too far is bad.
  • However, feel free to do differently. The most commonly used frameworks are:

- Half Foreground (waist up).
- Foreground (from the shoulders up), just because they allow the presenter use their hands to communicate, gesturing.
- American Plan, displays the knee presenter to his head.

  • 08. Things to do before recording

  • Place the phone in silent mode, even without vibrating. If you use the phone itself to film, put it in airplane mode for recording not be interrupted by a call or notification.
  • If you record with a webcam, turn off the computer sound to avoid unexpected sounds and notifications, leaving, of course, the activated microphone.
  • If you record with a webcam, restart the computer and leave active only essential programs for recording, so minimize the chances computer crash or something to distract him.
  • If possible, ask the other people who are close to collaborate: not distract, do not speak loudly, do not connect devices such as TV or radio, in short, avoid noise generation.
  • Turn off fans, because their noise quite affect the audio recordings. Prefer air conditioners but avoid getting close to them, especially if those older, noisy models.
  • Movie in the highest possible resolution of the camera, if possible in Full HD.
  • If you use the phone to record, free up memory for conse-Guir record for longer periods without interruption. One tip is to transfer existing photos and videos to the computer.
  • If you want, make a test recording, with less than 5 minutes and send it to us so we can help you with anything you need.
  • If you are using natural light (sun), remember that it varies throughout the day.
  • Use of these common lamp to assist in lighting.
  • Check the battery charge - if batteries, use new batteries and have a spare kit.
  • Separate the material support they will need during recording: notes, slides, videos, etc...
  • At the time of recording, look directly into the camera. This is important to generate connection to who is watching, it is the equivalent of look in the eye, making eye contact. It builds trust, sincerity, security.
  • Make a test before to know exactly where to look. Look at the camera peephole.
  • This does not mean you cannot look for a collateral or slide from time to time, but when you're talking to the camera, do it directly.
  • 09. Some challenges and their solutions

  • Problem: The audio quality is not good.

a)- If the sound is low, check the volume level. It may be the case only adjust the volume.

b)- Another solution may be closer to the microphone of the presenter. Experiment several distances to find a point where the sound is good.

c)- If the sound is in good volume but with much noise, can be oriun noise from the fan or other equipment. If so, turn off the equipment.

d)- Some environments generate much echo. Prefer environments with curtains and carpe-ing as they reduce echo.

e)- As in the case of video, weak batteries can be the source of an audio with noise and / or down. So always prefer to use alkaline batteries or that are 100% load to start recording.

f)- Avoid using the computer microphone / notebook because it captures the sound of the entire environment, in all directions, and so is more difficult to eliminate noise.

g)- Remember that you can record video with a camera and audio with another device such as a mobile phone. Thus, placing the phone in your pocket, get an audio of adequate quality.

h)- It is recommended that recording with two microphones, because if one fails during his presentation, the work will not be lost.


  • 1. Set the theme and the title of your lecture

  • Can be a success story, a theoretical or practical subject, talk about trends on its successful track record, etc...
  • This setting will be held with the support of the Organization QUALATEX ONLINE CONVENTION.
  • 2. Set how the theme will be addressed

  • Address content going from the general to the specific. This approach allows the participant to understand the line between the starting point (the most general content, he already understands), to the end point (the specific content of the lecture theme) smoothly, without major difficulties.
  • Use Storytelling. It is the oldest way to pass knowledge through generations. A good story is authentic, creative, makes an emotional and personal connection, inspires action and takes the audience on a journey of change and transformation.
  • 3. Structure the Content

  • First, create the main topics of his presentation. Only then detail each topic.
  • If you use slides, avoid slides with too much text, as this causes the participant want to read the text, not paying attention to the speaker.
  • If you address the issue using storytelling, here are some questions that will help you in this task:

1. What difficulties did you face?
2. How to overcome the barriers that have arisen?
3. What did you learn in this course?
4. What would you do different?
5. What helped you achieve these results?

  • 4. Select the format of your Presentation

Some formats:

  • A lecture where only the presenter appears.
  • A lecture where only the slide appears, with the voice of the presenter in the background. As the presenter does not appear, there is greater difficulty there is connection between presenter and audience.
  • A variation of the first two formats, with the speaker appearing at times, usually at the beginning to introduce themselves and generate connection with your audience, and the slides appearing later. At the end should appear again to say goodbye, leaving contact email and placing the willingness of participants to answer questions. It is a good and easy to make format.
  • Presenter and slides appear simultaneously on the screen.

Obs.: Standardizing with vignettes opening and characters on the screen is the responsibility of the team QUALATEX ONLINE CONVENTION.

  • 5. Recomendations

  • Do not use the lecture to sell products and services.
    Resist the temptation to try to sell something during the talks. Take the opportunity to present a value of content, create connection with the participants, show that you are the authority on the subject, and of course the business will emerge.
  • Do not talk too you.
    Be careful not to sound cocky or arrogant when talking about yourself, as this hinders connection to the participating public.
  • Do not get just by reading the slides.
    When the presenter is just reading the slides, usually slides with lots of text in small print, the public loses interest, fails to pay attention to the speaker and is now directly read the slides. Use the least amount of text in your slides.
  • 6. Tips for a Presentation Note 10

  • Show the relationship between the subject of his talk and the goal of QUALATEX ONLINE CONVENTION, which is to promote the professional growth of participants.
  • Publicize your presentation from your friends, colleagues and followers on social networks, a key factor for you to engage new followers.
  • Speak naturally, as if talking to someone without much formality.
  • Uncover secrets, tips, tactics and best practices you learned and thought to be critical to success. Make it clear that you are not hiding anything and make available to help later.
  • Talk about something new, unique, or from a new perspective.
  • 7. Ask Aid to Team Qualatex ONLINE

  • The team from QUALATEX ONLINE CONVENTION will receive the videos you recorded and will be responsible for all the rest, publishing transmission.
  • Now, if you need any support during the recording, with the slides, in short, anything, we will be happy to help.
  • 8. Record the Presentation

  • After preparing all the content of the presentation, it is time to record.
  • 9. Send Video to the Organization

  • You must submit your video lesson to QUALATEX ONLINE CONVENTION, until the 15/10/2016. This can be done by email: [email protected].
  • We can only guarantee their participation in the Live event if you send your lecture on time.
  • 10. Tip to Empower Business with Your Participation on QUALATEX ONLINE CONVENTION

Many speakers wish in some way, enhance business with its participation in the QUALATEX ONLINE CONVENTION. Some tips below:

  • First, as already said before, bravely resist the idea of offering products and services within the lecture. This is one of the biggest complaints among participants of symposiums, conferences and the like. This may not generate the expected result since people are looking for a value of content and not product demonstration or something.
  • Create connection with the audience, put at the disposal to further answer questions, provide your email and channels on social networks to strengthen the relationship.


If despite all this information, you do not feel safe to make your recording, please contact us and we can help you by providing location and equipment (in São Paulo), so you can record your class with confidence.

Do not hesitate to ask us for help, so that we can produce a high quality and relevant content event!

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