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QUALATEX ONLINE CONVENTION its mission is to present to you an International Congress exclusively Online, done by Qualatex from 14 - 20 of March 2017. Will present some of the best art market experts with balloons Planet, sharing knowledge and methodologies already tested and proven.

Will be 7 intense days of learning, inspiration, dissemination and appreciation of the art business with balloons.

So you can get started, add value to your business and improve its expertise, the event will provide Technical and Management Classes Lectures. Online and Free!

You can see all the online form and content for Free as official program. You can watch anywhere in the world, without moving from the comfort of your home.




Dead Line to confirm instructors

Delivery of Material and Disclosure

Delivery of content (vídeos e workbooks)

Begining of the Event

Ending of Event

21/11/2016  a  13/03/2016

21/11/2016  a  13/03/2016

21/11/2016  a  15/12/2016

10/01/2017  a  13/03/2017

01/12/2016  a  31/01/2017




• Women between 24 and 50 years;
• Companies (formal or informal) working in various areas of art with balloons market;
• People who want entrar to the market;
• People who would like to learn as a hobby.

• To professionalize the business;
• Improve the management and results of the company;
• Valuing your business and brand building;
• Self confidence in their own ability to manage your business;
• Create differential;
• Identify market niches;
• Price Establishment;
• Marketing;
• Create a proper and sustainable business;
• Have alternative sources of income;
• Attract more customers;
• Get a practical laws applicable in their day-to-day;
• Learning new techniques;
• Personal fulfillment.


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  19. We reserve the right to change, remove and add rules at any time.

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